21, Jun

We would like to invite PHP developers to help us make EPESI platform even better. Our team is rather small and our resources are limited. We need help with:

  • testing and debugging
  • code optimization
  • development of new modules
  • documentation
  • translation
  • new ideas

Our licensing model (EPESI is released under MIT open source license) is extremely flexible and was selected with third party developers in mind. You can use the framework and any modules included with EPESI distribution to create your own web applications or just custom modules.

If you are interested in creating your own modules in EPESI then you can setup a local repository which will be synchronized with SVN or GitHub, addresses:

Our development is moved to GitHub as the primary choice because of an integrated issue tracker.

If you encounter any problems during installation, you can find additional information and support on our forums, available here. We can also provide direct installation support through our support plans - you can find more information about them here.

We maintain a separate web site - - specifically for developers. This wiki contains technical information, documentation and tutorials to help you get started. Any questions or bug reports should be posted on our forum.

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